Reguläres Training; Präsenz-, Klassenraumtraining, Seminar, Workshop  Presenting and lecturing in English

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Have you ever thought about presenting in English or actually giving a lecture in English? Do you plan on lecturing students in English or going to an English speaking conference? Your English is quite good but you are not as fluent as you would like to be? With this one-day course you will have the opportunity to practice your English and try to overcome some typical or reoccurring mistakes you might have had in the past.
  • learn to practice newly acquired skills using different scenarios such as presenting, lecturing, instructing students and conference small talk
  • learn to enhance public English speaking skills within an academic setting for non-native speakers,
  • become familiar with a range of specific academic vocabulary.
This workshop will equip you with important tools and will cover the following:
  • Instructing groups, organizing conferences….
  • Small group practice sessions to improve your personal style
  • Giving a short presentation/lecture in front of the group
  • Receiving group feedback on your lecture/presentation skills
  • Appropriate use of English vocabulary: e.g. transition words & connectors.
You should feel comfortable to speak and present in English but you are not at native speaker level. You may often find yourself in the situation to search for better and more accurate expressions. You consider it helpful to repeat useful phrases and linking words, to practice pronunciation of difficult words and overall to get individual feedback on your English presentation style.
  • Please prepare and bring with you a 3-5 minute presentation that you will present during this one-day workshop. Its content is up to you and could range from e.g. an introduction of a lecture topic, asmall part of your conference presentation, giving instructions to students etc. Also, you can decide what media/equipment/materials you use to present e.g. facilitator cards, Flipchart, PPT (please bring your presentation on a memory stick and also your laptop in case you would like to do last minute changes).
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