Reguläres Training; Präsenz-, Klassenraumtraining, Seminar, Workshop  Teaching in English

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  • To increase confidence in teaching in English to an international audience in a university setting.
  • To gain several strategies to improve class participation by all cultures.
  • To practice presenting in English in a constructive environment.
  • How culture impacts our learning and our teaching. Ensuring students understand your language (Here we offer tips on how you can be better understood by an international audience). Internationalising curricula (How to help international students learn). Handling cultural differences in the group (Strategies for handling these differences and we also take this opportunity to examine the cultural differences in academic writing and presenting). Lecture structure and practice (grabbing attention, increasing retention rates, rhetorical devices). Pitch, pace and body language (How these elements can make your teaching more dynamic and inspiring and help your audience understand and remember your content). Difficult situations (dealing with difficult situations e.g. understanding and answering student questions). 10 minute presentations to the group. Everyone has a chance to put their learning into practice with a short presentation on a subject of their choice. Your presentation will be recorded and given to you to take home (bring a USB stick). Feedback will be offered in a constructive and positive environment.
2,00 Tage (16 AE)