Reguläres Training; Präsenz-, Klassenraumtraining, Seminar, Workshop  Examining the Connections between Neuroscience and Innovative Teaching

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In recent years, innovative technological breakthroughs such as brain imaging techniques have made it possible for neuroscientists and educational psychologists to study how a brain learns and what it means "to learn." In this workshop we will examine how neurobiological and cognitive research on student learning can inform and improve our teaching. We will examine the importance of emotions and interpersonal relationships and their effect on a student's motivation and experience of learning. Some of the questions we will address are: What classroom or lab conditions can we create to maximize student learning and success, particularly in difficult and challenging courses and topics? How can we as educators empower our students to optimize their own learning? More effective teaching begins with our intentional commitment as professors to understand the science behind meaningful learning.
Workshop Goals
If you attend this workshop you will be able to:
  • Consider the latest research on the neurobiology of learning with a specific emphasis on the importance of metacognition, stress, and emotions.
  • Understand what neuroscience can teach us about student motivation and engagement.
  • Apply strategies focused on student self-awareness, introspection, and ownership to improve their motivation and learning.
  • Create a dynamic classroom or lab environment that cultivates student empowerment, builds community, and enables advocacy.
  • Adapt, innovate, and energize your teaching to today's ever-changing educational landscape and diversity of student experiences.
1,00 Tage (8 AE)