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Field trips, excursions and city walks are only a few of the various examples of learning-teaching interactions that happen outside the classroom. Inside and outside of academia, outdoor learning is valued for its great educational benefit: Learning in unusual environments outside the classroom does not only motivate students but also enables them to apply theoretical knowledge. Furthermore, it provides a unique chance for making new activating experiences, which is a prerequisite for deep learning.
But how exactly does learning happen in new or unusual locations? How can we stimulate deep learning in these unusual learning environments? How do we match places with learning objectives and which methods of assessment are suited for them? And how can we teach learner-centred courses outside the classroom while not becoming overwhelmed by the sheer amount of possible topics, locations, activities, let alone the travel logistics?
In this course, we will focus on learning-teaching interactions that take place in settings outside the classroom (e.g. field trips, city walks, practical courses 'in the field' etc.). Starting with key theoretical concepts of spatial influences on learning, we will discuss the benefits and challenges of outdoor learning while also reflecting on our own experiences. Following the principle of Constructive Alignment, we will formulate our own outdoor learning objectives and discuss methods of teaching and assessment in order to create individual tool kits that will help us to design, plan and teach our next class 'in the field'. By focussing on flexibility and sensitivity in our outdoor teaching, we will also pay attention to unexpected or challenging situations that might arise when we set out from the classroom into the big wide world.
If you have specific questions about your past or future courses outside the classroom, please bring your teaching material. Throughout the course, there will be ample time to discuss your individual outdoor teaching projects.
Learning objectives:
At the end of this course, you will be able to…
  • identify the advantages and challenges of different spatial settings for learning-teaching interactions
  • customise and pack a tool kit with teaching and assessment methods for your target group that stimulates deep learning in 'unusual' learning environments
  • design, plan and teach your own well-prepared course outside the classroom and confidently leave the classroom to discover the world out there with your students
Teaching and learning activities:
  • short theoretical inputs
  • reflection of individual learning and teaching experiences
  • group work, discussions and…
  • …leaving the classroom!
  • knowledge of the contents of "Fit for Teaching 1&2" can be helpful, but is not mandatory
2,00 Tage (16 AE)