course.alt.type_seminar  Diversity Day: Diversity in teaching and learning

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Target Group
Staff in teaching and learning
Universities are becoming increasingly diverse in terms of lifestyles, cultural backgrounds or social structures, which their students in particular bring with them. Dealing with this diversity in an appreciative way can be a challenge when it comes to organizing and conducting teaching and learning at university level.
In this workshop, you will receive practical advice on how to support and accompany students in their everyday studies, e.g. regarding implementing and designing courses and examinations or general counselling situations. In a collegial exchange, you will also develop concrete measures for dealing with diversity that are tailored to your specific situation.
Selected topics of the workshop are:
- Raising awareness of different aspects of diversity and heterogeneity in teaching and learning, e.g. the importance of social and educational backgrounds for studying.
- Reflecting on one's own routines and ways of thinking and dealing with so-called biases.
- Methods and approaches for designing diversity-friendly learning processes as well as counselling situations.
The online seminar ist for free.
The seminar starts at 9:00 am and last until 12:30 pm.
3,50 Stunden